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CEOP Internet Safety

I will act responsibly at all times when using the Internet and e-mail

  •  I will only use the Internet for school related work with adult permission and in the presence of an adult
  •  I will respect copyright and will not copy other peoples work without permission
  •  I will not download pages from the Internet onto the school computer without first asking for permission from a teacher
  •  I understand that teachers will frequently check the history list
  •  I will not purposefully attempt to access undesirable material on the Internet
  •  I understand what to do if I accidentally come across anything which upsets me or any undesirable material (turn the monitor off immediately and inform an adult)
  •  I understand what the consequences will be if I am found purposefully accessing undesirable material (I will be banned from using the Internet for a period of time and my parents will be informed of what has happened).
  •  I will only send e-mails to a known address, I will always use polite and appropriate language. I will only open my e-mails in the presence of an adult.

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