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Home-School Agreement

We are a Church of England School, serving the local community of Richmond

We aim to create a secure, safe and caring environment, where pupils feel valued and are listened to.  The school provides a challenging curriculum, which ensures all pupils reach their potential target.

We encourage independence and enthusiasm for learning, raising pupils’ self-esteem.  The school creates a supportive partnership between the school, parents and the wider community.

We encourage respect for ourselves and other people’s beliefs, customs and opinions.  We teach about children’s rights and responsibilities.

We work to develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects children’s learning.

The School, as part of the wider community, will provide opportunities for children to:

Be Healthy:

  • By providing opportunities for children to enjoy good health and lifestyle
  • By providing healthy meal options
  • By providing advice and support for a healthy lifestyle
  • Notifying you if we have any concerns

Stay Safe:

  • By taking measures to keep children safe
  • To ensure children are taught in a safe and secure environment
  • By providing advice and support for a healthy lifestyle
  • Notifying you if we have any concerns

Economic wellbeing:

  • Ensuring your child has a good start in life
  • nsuring your child is prepared in life skills for the future

Enjoy and Achieve:

  • By ensuring children enjoy being within the school environment
  • By ensuring children make good progress in learning and personal development, achieving their full potential
  • ‘Send home reading books, spellings and other tasks appropriate for home learning in line with the school homework policy
  • Arrange parents’ evenings to provide opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress at school
  • By expecting your child to do their best at all times and will support them in achieving their potential by providing a full and challenging curriculum

Make a positive contribution:

  • Helping children to act as a good citizen; taking care of their surroundings, their possessions and those of others within the school community
  • Getting them to join in, taking responsibility and play a proud part in the community
  • Treat your child fairly and respect them as an individual

As parents/Guardians we will endeavour to:

Be Healthy:

  • Provide our child, if appropriate, with packed lunches, which contain healthy food
  • Encourage our child to take regular exercise and join in with all physical activities at school

Stay Safe:

  • Ensure our child wears the correct school uniform with suitable footwear and brings the appropriate equipment for learning.  (e.g. full PE kit, pens, pencils, musical instruments, etc)
  • Ensure that our child attends school regularly and arrives on time.  Any absences will be notified to the school by telephone on the first morning of absence.  A letter of explanation will be provided on return to school

Economic wellbeing:

  • Support the school in activities to promote life skills for the future

Enjoy and Achieve:

  • Support policies and encouraging our child to conform to the school and class rules
  • Support our child in reading, spelling and other home learning opportunities (e.g. music practice) in line with the school homework policy

Make a positive contribution:

  • Maintain close contact with the school and inform us of nay difficulties that may effect our child’s work or behaviour
  • Attend information evenings, when required, and respond to letters as appropriate

As a pupil at Bolton-on-Swale St Mary’s CE Primary School, I will:

Be Healthy:

  • Eat a balanced diet at school
  • Take exercise at school and ensure I bring my PE kit when needed
  • Drink water during the day

Stay Safe:

  • Follow school rules
  • Play safely
  • Make sure an adult knows where I am
  • Tell an adult if you have any kind of problem
  • Don’t tip on my chair
  • Learn to swim and cycle safely
  • Protect myself in the sun

Economic wellbeing:

  • Help out with school functions, for example run a stall
  • Raise money for charity
  • Learn to work as a team with others

Enjoy and Achieve:

  • Help to keep the school environment tidy
  • Suggest to the school council ideas to improve our school
  • Work really hard at everything I do
  • Take part in different clubs
  • Come up with ideas to help my teacher plan things  that are relevant to me

Make a positive contribution to the community:

  • Take part in school events in the church or the town
  • Help to entertain our senior citizens
  • Raise money for charity
  • Carry out the good things we learn at school when we are not at school.
  • Help others, in and out of school
  • In a safe way, pick litter round the school gates

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