Collective Worship

Collective worship reflects the distinctive Christian ethos of the school. It is planned by and for all members of the school community and everyone participates. Christian values underpin our worship and are reflected in the wider life of the school.

These are our Christian Values

Love, Creation, Forgiveness, Friendship, Hope, Respect, Justice, Peace, Service, Thankfulness, Trust, Community

Dialogue with children shows that they enjoy Collective worship; that it helps them to reflect on their values in the light of Biblical teaching and their own behaviour; they enjoy quiet time to reflect and during prayer they tell us that they think about parents who are away (Service family response); they think about their families; it helps them if they are worried about something like SAT’s; they appreciate how fortunate they are and are thankful, if they have fallen out with their Mum it helps put it right.

Evaluation of Collective Worship by children, staff, visitors and governors evidences that is engaging and has a positive impact on those taking part, making a difference to how they live their lives.

The religious festivals of the Church’s Anglican Year are explicitly celebrated and children develop an understanding of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They understand the seasons of the Church’s year and its Festivals.

Worship is characterised by a quiet reflective time of gathering; Bible stories and reflection on these; songs and hymns linked to the theme; time of prayer sometimes led by adults and sometimes by children. Opportunities exist for children to write and share their own prayers and thoughts.

Worship is sometimes planned and led by teachers, children, Parish members and priests, visitors. The Parish Open the Book Team plan worship with the children every Monday morning