Educational Visits

Marrick Priory Residential and Outdoor Education Week

Class 3 Tudor Day at Bolton Castle

Class 4 visit Ripon Cathedral to support their RE work on Pilgimage

Class 4 visit Ripon Workhouse to support their History work on Victorians

Whitby – Classes 1 and 2 explore the beach and meet the lifeguards. Class 2 visit the Lifeboat Station and Whitby Abbey. Class 4 carry our mapping and coastal fieldwork and visit the Whitby Museum

Class 1 and 2 visit Durham Cathedral to learn about the life of the Anglo Saxon Saint Cuthbert

KS2 visit Bradford Mandir, the Bombay Stores and enjoy Indian Dance Workshop to support their work on Hinduism and India.

Class 3 visit Danelaw Viking Village to support their History work on Invaders and Settlers