Service Pupils

We are located a few miles from Catterick Garrison and have a wide range of experience when welcoming service children and their families into our school community. Feedback from our service families tells us that we do this very well.

Our staff our skilled when meeting the particular needs of service pupils and their families at key times such as transition between schools, deployment and postings.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us through our home page details if you would like to discuss this further.

We regularly celebrate the distinctive contribution made by our service pupils and their families to our community of North Yorkshire and  nationally and globally. Service children share with their classes the countries they may have lived and the parts of the world to which their parents are posted. We celebrate key events such as Remembrance Sunday, Trooping of the Colour, 75th Anniversary of D Day landings, Centenary of the First World War, Freedom of the city parades.

Camo Day

On Armed Forces Day each year we support the charity SSAFA and hold ‘Camo Day’. Everyone in school wears camo wear or green and we have fun raising money.

Festival of Remembrance in Ripon Cathedral

Each year our KS2 service children attend the Annual Festival of Remembrance Service in Ripon Cathedral. In 2019 our school led the prayers and in 2020 our Choir sang in the virtual service. Each year since then in 2021, 2022 and again in 2023 our school choir and service pupils have sung to open this service. This service is live streamed and recorded and service families posted anywhere in the world can share in this occasion with their child.

Each year the whole school prepares art work to be displayed in the cathedral as part of the service.

Support for Parents of Service Pupils

In North Yorkshire we have a Service Pupil Champions who works across schools with service pupils and within the service communities to support schools, children and their parents.

The contact details for our Service Pupil Champion, Angela Campbell is in the website link below.

We are proud to have been invited to sing at The Annual Festival of Remembrance in Ripon Cathedral once again. Pictured below in 2022.

On Camo Day we raise money for SSAFA and wear our Camo colours to give thanks for our military community.